Priority Areas

  • Develop human capacity
  • Establish and maintain positive relations with the public through efficient communication
  • Promote sustainable sporting development through media stimulation
  • Lobby for establishment of sporting infrastructure while maintaining those already available through available communication channels

Strategic goals

  • To promote and contribute to improved performance through talent optimization, development and high performance programs
  • To transform the sport and recreation sector through the creation a sound communication corridor with equal opportunities for all
  • Maximize promotion of sporting, recreational and physical education in every school
  • To promote and contribute to the health and well-being of our citizens through valuable content

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote mass participation and talent optimization through support for athletes/ schools
  • To promote active and healthy lifestyles via regularly filmed documentaries or news items
  • To provide strategic media support for athletes
  • To deliver sport development and high performance programs to the Federation and the region
  • To provide a solid multi-media platform to promote all athletes